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‘Very concerned’ Vernon residents hold anti-fracking rally – Okanagan

Residents of Vernon, British Columbia say fracking gas is one of the fastest growing climate problems in British Columbia and hope the government will consider greener options .

Signs and speeches by demonstrators Monday afternoon hoped to send a message about fracking and the liquid natural gas industry in the state.

Protester Janet Perkins said: “We’re just trying to make sure people understand what’s going on right now and what’s planned for our state in the future. .

Click to play video: “Okanagan Basin Water Commission Helps Residents Prepare for Climate Change”

Okanagan Basin Water Commission Helps Residents Prepare for Climate Change

Those who attended the rally stood outside Vernon Monashy MLA Harwinder Sandu’s office and said they had one goal.

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“I want fracking to stop in this state,” Perkins said. “There are many regions in the world, many European countries, many states, and even Quebec, which have banned fracking.”

Frack Free BC held rallies in over 40 communities across the state. This is because the state government has approved the Cedar LNG project.

“We are very concerned,” said Climate Action Now member Eli Pivnick. “We’re running out of time. Temperatures are rising rapidly.”

“We keep giving the government of Canada and the government of British Columbia new targets for how much to reduce greenhouse gases, but they never hit their targets. I need a push.”

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Protesters say the effects are felt differently in different parts of the state, though they are less felt in the valley.

“Indigenous peoples are suffering from environmental destruction,” Perkins said. “They are suffering from adverse health effects. We here have no idea what is going on there. You’re ruining your life.”

Local groups hope the government will consider more renewable energy options in the near future.

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