Best Kayaking spots in Illinois You Need to See

Kayaking is one of the most popular activities in Illinois. Due to the state's landscapes, this has become a staple recreational activity.

If you're looking to have a fun time kayaking around the scenic spots in Illinois, here's the ultimate guide for you.

1. Lake Michigan

With 1638 miles of shoreline, kayaking in Lake Michigan never gets boring.  Tired? You can also rest in nearby spots and beaches around the lake.

2. Skokie Lagoons

Situated in the suburbs, this is perfect for those looking for a fun, yet relaxing time for kayaking.

3. Shawnee National Forest

Surrounded by limestone bluffs, hardwood forests, and huge cedar trees, this is one of the most loved places for kayaking in Southern Illinois.

4. Lake Springfield

This 4260-acre reservoir is a popular kayaking spot with plenty of stuff to explore and a large selection of paddles and boats. 

5. Cedar Lake

When you paddle down this area, you'll see diverse natural vegetation along with majestic recreational lakes as you paddle down.

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Photo credits:    Pic 7: straightedge217 Pic 8: Granger Meador