WeightWatchers may be closing dozens of Canadian locations

WW International plans to close dozens of its approximately 118 WeightWatchers locations across Canada on March 26.

The company has not officially announced a wave of closures, but a profile of affected locations on its WeightWatchers website states: the place is closed on sunday While inviting members to register for virtual workshops. There are 37 notices.

WeightWatchers is a paid weight loss program that helps clients lose weight using meal plans, in-person and virtual workshops, meal tracking apps, and a meal “points budget” system. WW International also sells branded homewares, books and groceries.

The company has been in operation since 1963 and has offices in each of Canada’s ten provinces, but none of the territories. Stores will be closed in all states except Quebec.

The news surprised longtime clients like Liliane Guertin, who first saw it circulating in a private Facebook group last Wednesday.

At her regular weight loss workshop the following night, staff confirmed that the last in-person session at her location would take place on March 23rd.

“We were told that our meeting would be on Thursday night and this Thursday would be the last day,” Guertin told in a telephone interview Wednesday. , these so-called studios will cease to exist.”

She said she told her the staff at the location would also be laid off as a result of the closure.

Guertin attends weekly workshops at the WeightWatchers location in Welland, Ontario and has been a member of WeightWatchers for 50 years. When she learned that many of the company’s Canadian locations were likely to close this month, she chose to cancel her membership rather than register for the virtual workshop.

“I work online every day. I’m not interested in working online any more,” she said. “And as far as I’m concerned, they were breaking the deal and just wanted to cancel the membership.”

Dow Jones Newswires reported in February that the company plans to cut costs across its global operations. dismissal of staff, Centralize global management and end lease in 2023.

The Associated Press reported earlier this month that WeightWatchers Prescription drug weight loss business With the acquisition of Sequence, a telemedicine provider that gives users access to diabetes and weight loss medications such as Ozempic, Wegovy and Trulicity.

WW International did not respond to’s request for comment by the publication time.

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