Who is on the guest list for the gala dinner with Biden?

Eugene Levy? Check. Sarah Polley? check. Are you Jean Chrétien? check.

These are just a few of the guests confirmed to attend Friday night’s gala dinner with President Joe Biden hosted by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his wife Sophie Grégoire Trudeau at the Canadian Aviation and Space Museum in Ottawa. Department.

The gala is set to welcome many celebrities and includes several performances to accompany a very Canadian dinner.

Perhaps the most famous person on the guest list, not including Trudeau or Biden, is Canadian film and television icon Eugene Levy. Eugene Levy is the star of the wildly popular “Sitt’s Creek,” and Toronto’s Sarah Polley recently won an Oscar gold medal at Hollywood’s biggest night. Her movie “Women Talking”.

It will be attended by Canada’s two former prime ministers, Jean Chrétien and Joe Clark, as well as all major opposition leaders. Several former U.S. ambassadors to Canada, the Canadian ambassador to the U.S., and the entire Cabinet were invited, but not all were able to attend.

The two Michaels, Kovrig and Speiber, are also guests at the gala and at Biden’s afternoon address to Congress, CTV News confirmed. The two men were imprisoned in China from 2018 to 2021.

Diana Matheson, Canadian soccer player, Olympic bronze medalist and CEO of Project 8, stars actors Charles Lafortune, Mark Critch (“Son of Critch” and “This Our Has 22 Minutes”), Attends with Gabriel LaBelle (“The Fabermans”). ), Oscar-winning directors Ben Proudfoot and Daniel Roar, TIFF CEO Cameron Bailey, and Canadian Film Institute President Wendy Noth.

Toronto’s Eric McCormack, best known for playing Will in the influential television series Will and Grace, will also be in attendance. In a 2012 interview with “Meet the Press,” Biden said of “Will and Grace” that “the most that has ever been done to educate the American public[about LGBTQ2S+ people]I did more than that,” he explained.

Montreal natives Charlotte Cardin and Gregory Charles, and Alan Doyle of the Great Big Sea, will join. Doyle and Cardin will also make appearances before and after the dinner service, respectively.

As guests arrived, Jaime Morse, Riley Mackenzie and Jacob Mackenzie of Metti Jigger, the same group that performed at the first swearing-in ceremony at Rideau Hall when Prime Minister Trudeau took office in 2015 performance will take place. Kittigan Zibi and Barrier Lake’s Algonquin Drum Group featuring Tia Qaqaqsiq, Yancy Sookie, Jordon Jacko, Awema Tendesi, Steve Worty, Eagle River, and guitarist and pianist Tyler Shaw at the reception I plan to play.

Indigenous Elder Claudette Commando, Algonquin Anisinabe of Kittigan Zibi Anisinabeg Indigenous origin, leads prayers and blessings following the arrival of Trudeau, Biden, Governor Mary Simon and their spouses.

NAFTA Chief Negotiator Steve Verheul was in attendance, and all members of the Prime Minister’s NAFTA Advisory Board were invited, although not all were able to attend. His CEO of Universal Music Canada, Jeffrey Remedios, will also be joining the building.

Other notable guests are:

  • Michelle Douglas, Canadian human rights activist
  • Helen Kennedy, Executive Director of Egale Canada, said:
  • Doug Kerr, Executive Director, Dignity Network Canada
  • UNIFOR President Lana Payne
  • Linda Silas, President, Federation of Canadian Nurses Guild
  • Natalie Provost, PolySeSouvient
  • GM Canada CEO Marissa West
  • Tim Murphy, Chairman, Detroit-Windsor Bridge Commission
  • Knix CEO Joanna Griffiths
  • Moderna CEO Patricia Gautier
  • Kimari Powell, CEO of Rainbow Railroad

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