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Winnipeg contestant achieves quiz show dreams with win on Jeopardy! – Winnipeg

The Vice Dean of the University of Winnipeg Libraries made $11,400 rich after showing off his trivia skills on one of the world’s most famous game shows.

Emma Hill Capron, Lifetime Danger! Fans, winner on Thursday’s broadcast and will be back on TV defending her title on Friday.

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Hill Capron told 680 CJOB Connection to Winnipeg She said she filled out an application online to participate in the Los Angeles-based quiz show and was surprised to receive a response.

“Their website has a test you have to take. If you pass it and are lucky enough to get a call, they’ll email you and say, ‘Would you like to audition?’ I guess.”

“Then we’ll do an audition on Zoom. Once you get through that, they’ll say, ‘Would you like to come to L.A.?'”

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Hill Kepron took this journey and came out on top in the first game despite failing the “Final Jeopardy” question. All three contestants failed, but Hill Kepron made the most conservative bet of the group and won the day.

“I wasn’t very confident in that category, so it was a little bit strategic and a little bit of luck,” she said.

“I was a little conservative with my bets, but it worked for me.

because Danger! Because the episode was pre-taped, Hill Capron had to keep quiet about the outcome since he first entered the game in February. She also has to keep her tight-lipped about whether and how much she won in subsequent episodes.

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