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Conservatives angered by Bud Light’s pro-LGBTQ marketing campaign have vented their frustrations with canned beer, filming can-smashing videos and pulling stunts at liquor stores.

But one conservative in the United States has taken it a step further by launching a “100% unwakeable” beer brand. This is presumably intended to send a message to Bud his lights and enter their market.

Seth Weathers, known on social media as the ‘conservative dad’, tried to capitalize on anti-trans sentiment highly produced video this week to promote his new beer named “”Conservative Dad’s Far-Right 100% American Beer That Won’t Wake Up

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“America buys beer from companies that don’t even know which toilet to use,” Weathers said in the ad.

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“As Conservatives, we are constantly being hit in the face by the virus, but the last thing we want is beer.”

Bud Light found himself at the center of a cultural uproar last week after partnering with trans activist Dylan Mulvaney in his March Madness campaign. Beer her brand offered Mulvaney a sponsorship deal, as part of which her face was printed on one of her signature blue cans.

A social media mogul with 10.8 million followers on TikTok, 2 million on Instagram, shared a post on her channel earlier this month. In the video, Mulvaney, 26, promoted the company’s March Her Madness contest.

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Dressed as Audrey Hepburn breakfast at tiffany’s, she revealed a can with her face on it. Mulvaney, a theater performer and fashion influencer in her March, joked that she didn’t know Madness “has anything to do with the sport.”

The response to the post was swift, with many applauding Bud Light for branching out and celebrating gender diversity, but those offended by it vowed to boycott the brand.

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Bud Light’s parent company, Anheuser-Busch, remains adamant about its decision to partner with transgender influencers, with figures like Kid Rock carrying beer packs with automatic weapons and conservative politicians. Shoot, but the boycott has become a bit of a spectacle. Stock your fridge with Coors in protest.

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But the trickiest (and arguably most expensive) effort to discredit the brand was Weathers’ video.

In the video, he smashes a can of Bud Light out of a t-shirt and says: Stop giving money to wake-up companies that hate our values. “

“And to the rest of you, it’s a wake-up call for corporations to stay away from our children.”

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Weathers’ video, which admits he had to buy the very beer he’s boycotting, has garnered some traction, garnering millions of views and many congratulatory messages. He told Newsweek that since sharing the video on Thursday, ‘thousands’ of pre-orders Ahead of the May launch when the beer will be available for delivery.

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“I’ve never seen anything like this and I’ve been in e-commerce for years,” he told the outlet. We had everything all over the US, and internationally, we had requests from Europe, Canada, and somewhere else, but I don’t remember.”

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He’s also been viciously panned online, with many mocking his efforts.

“Why isn’t this a parody?” wrote one Twitter user.

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Others said the production and tone made Weather’s video feel reminiscent of a late-night comedy sketch.

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In any case, Weathers has his work cut out for him In the alcoholic beverage space, if he really wants to eat Bud Light sales. At the moment, 6 packs of ale cost him US$35 for delivery. That’s more than four times what Bud’s 6-pack of his lights cost him in the US.

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Experts also say Weathers may be on board Violation of Illinois lawwhere beer is manufactured, canned and distributed.

Illinois has a law that prohibits breweries from selling directly to consumers, according to industry experts who spoke to the website Crain’s Chicago Business. Water will be poured in.

The site also reports that Illinois requires brewers to register their labels and become licensed beer retailers before they can sell their products in the state.

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“this is very unlikely Ray Stout, executive director of the Illinois Craft Brewers Guild, told The Business newspaper.

Stout also stated that his guild had many suspicions, and that, to the best of his knowledge, none of the brewers in the group worked with Ultralight.

“people I think this is kind of a hoax,” he added. “There is nothing to indicate that it is real.”

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